Infection Control Tips in a Healthcare Environment

Due to the unique challenges faced in a clinical care setting and the crowd they routinely mingle with, the staff of healthcare organizations is at an increased risk of infection. Keeping infection at bay in a hospital setting is quite difficult, but with the right training and approach, it is quite possible. Healthcare workers play a vital role in minimising the risk of infection spread, hence, they must work together to provide safe care for the patients, and a safe work environment for the colleagues. Here are some strategies that healthcare organizations can follow for control and prevention of infections:

Hand Hygiene

One of the most basic approaches to prevent the spread of infections is to ensure proper hand hygiene. An important culture that should be incorporated into healthcare organizations, hand washing is one of the simplest ways to ward off infection. Whether the personnel is dealing with patients in emergency or the operation theatre, they should wash their arms before putting on surgical gloves. Experts suggest following the ‘Clean in, Clean out’ approach, wherein hands and equipment are disinfected before and after meeting the patient.

Regular Vaccinations

As they come in contact with patients with different diseases, the hospital staff is always at the risk of contracting an infection. As a result, they are sometimes the one spreading the infection to vulnerable people in the hospital. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that proper vaccinations are administered to their staff as recommended. This leads to a decrease in the transmission risk of infection to co-workers and patients.

Maintaining Hygienic Clinical Environment

One of the huge factors that contribute to the rise of infection cases in healthcare organisations is a dirty clinical environment. Maintaining and achieving high standards of cleanliness play a massive role in reducing the risk of cross-infection. The cleaning of the clinical environment means removing any trace of contaminants, such as dust and soil, and organic matter as well, such as faeces, blood and other bodily fluids.

A safe working environment is a safe caring environment. One agency that assists healthcare organisations to take a step in the right direction is the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations or CAHO. They provide various training programmes such as the nursing training programs, hospital training programmes, infection control nurse course, etc. By implementing their well-researched training courses in the workplace, it is possible to transform the culture of healthcare in this country.

Published by Health Care Organizations

Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO) is one of the eminent Healthcare Organisations recognised by QCI constituents NABH, NACL, and JCI. CAHO is an extensive platform that is involved in sharing best practices and setting benchmark for various healthcare providers PAN India. This healthcare organisation believes in continuously promoting and improving the quality and safety standards of the healthcare providers.

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