ICN Course to Enhance IPC Practices at Healthcare Organisations

The need for standard infection prevention and control (IPC) practices at healthcare organisations have always been much emphasised. However, they have become all the more important lately due to the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic — one of the most contagious infections ever known to humankind. The aim of IPC practices is toContinue reading “ICN Course to Enhance IPC Practices at Healthcare Organisations”

The Role of Infection Control Nurse in the Healthcare Setting

The spread of Coronavirus across the globe is a testament to the fact that even in a sterilised or sanitary environment, infection can spread quickly and get out of hand. As seen in the current pandemic, infections can transverse state and country boundaries, affecting people all over the world. This has made the role ofContinue reading “The Role of Infection Control Nurse in the Healthcare Setting”

Infection Control Tips in a Healthcare Environment

Due to the unique challenges faced in a clinical care setting and the crowd they routinely mingle with, the staff of healthcare organizations is at an increased risk of infection. Keeping infection at bay in a hospital setting is quite difficult, but with the right training and approach, it is quite possible. Healthcare workers playContinue reading “Infection Control Tips in a Healthcare Environment”

Enhancing Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Healthcare is quite a complex topic to talk about, which is why many experts in the industry feel that implementing the changes for quality improvement can be difficult to adopt. But it is still a task that needs to be done constantly to keep up with the current times and healthcare processes. By properly applyingContinue reading “Enhancing Quality Improvement in Healthcare”

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